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UK Masterclean is a family-owned commercial laundry company with its emphasis on providing exceptional quality as well as a value for money service. Based in a modern 30,000 sq. foot laundry facility in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK Masterclean customers are some of the most prestigious hotels and restaurants in the North East of England as well as a range of smaller, but no less important quality ones throughout North England

UK Masterclean is an independent, owner-managed laundry company based in Brunswick in Newcastle Upon Tyne.



  The best confirmation of the value of UK Masterclean's work, is the long-standing relationships with clients.

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In many instances UK Masterclean actually develops in parallel with clients. In the course of time, more and more tasks are entrusted to UK Masterclean by clients drawing UK Masterclean even further into their core business areas. These long-term customer relationships, based on mutual trust, commitment and open discussion, are sufficient reason for UK Masterclean to continue towards further growth.


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